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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Poem – Mother Like You

Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

This is to the woman,
Who carried me in her womb
And stood by me from dusk till dawn
She is none other than my beautiful mom

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Composed by Ishika Kawatra, a grade 10 student.

This is to the woman,
Who carried me in her womb
And stood by me from dusk till dawn
She is none other than my beautiful mom

She laughs with me and cries my tears
She helps me overcome all my fears
She is always there when I need some cheers
She loves me so much that I always feel dear

She has always given and given
And has never asked for anything in return
Whenever I am in trouble, she is the one most concerned
She is the only one I can count on that I know won’t ever turn

She stood by me through thick and thin
And whenever I felt I am nothin
She made me realise the fact that
I am worth everything

She is always the first one to come when I need care
I can trust her knowing she will always be there
Never ever she let my eyes drop a tear
Her presence truly freshens the air

She and I have an unbreakable bond
I have been blessed with her presence from heaven and beyond
She held my hand when I took my first walk
Also, she makes my life a cakewalk

In her I can confide, her I can believe
Talking to her brings me relief
That is the magical effect she has on me
She is always my supporting tree
If she is the honeycomb, then I am the bee
Wandering around her whenever she is free

She is beautiful both inside and out
She took care of me since I was a sprout
She held my hand from good to bad
The only thing she can’t bear is seeing me sad

She brings light in my day, being my sunshine
I am so very proud to call her mine
She is the reason I always shine
No matter if its day or night

On bad days she is my only hope
Never ever she lets me mope
Oh! What would I do without my mother
She can be replaced by none other

Her words are always on time
They make me feel like everything will be fine
I don’t care what age am I, be it a hundred or nine
The thing I cannot live without is the adorable mother of mine

Her gentle love, her tender kiss
Her soft warm touch on me when I am ill
Having her in my life is a sheer bliss
And it also is a great thrill

No matter where I go, be it Paris or be it Rome
She is the reason I will always look forward to coming home
One day I will make her proud
So that she can scream “She is my daughter” out loud

Sometimes, she is my biggest critic
Sometimes, she is my partner in crime
Sorry but I couldn’t find a word to rhyme
I hope you do not mind

She taught me the meaning of unconditional love
From the rest, you are above
I know I don’t need a guardian angel for me
She is the one who’d rush to prevent me from falling from a tree

She taught me everything, from walking to dressing a table
She is the reason my life is so stable
She understands me without saying a word
Disobeying her is the thing most absurd

Whenever I need to get through the night
She is the one who shows me light
And then she hugs me tight
And tells me that everything will be alright

My life is a dream because of her 
Thank her for making all my wishes come true
She taught me always to be brave
And never be afraid to go after what I crave

Thanks to her I have a hopeful tomorrow
She taught me how to deal with my sorrow
She taught me how to fight like a knight
She is the one from whom I got all my might

She is the most precious thing to me on this earth
Without her my life wouldn’t have any worth
She stood by me since I took birth
Without her my life wouldn’t have any worth

On her I can write pages and pages of appreciation
To make her happy is my life’s only mission
To see pride in her eyes is my biggest inspiration
I forever wish to be in her possession

When God created mothers he kept for me a special one
Thank you God for what you had done
The gift you gave me, I love it tons
More than anything and anyone

Narrates to me, she her childhood days
The hot wet summers of May
She is as beautiful as a bay
For hours on end on her I can gaze

She is the noblest soul I have ever seen
Always and always understanding she has been
She understands me without saying a word
I will be content even if I become of her one third

She loves me from the moment on me she set her eyes
Such is our telepathy that I can never tell her lies
I love her more than there are stars in the skies
I am intrigued by your spirit of sacrifice
Your presence in my life alone would suffice

Thank you for teaching me how to shine
Thank you for tolerating all my whines
Thank you also for your patience and time
Oh, sweet mother of mine!

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