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Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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The Music of the Violin

Poem composed by Ujjesha Singh, a grade 12 student.

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Poem composed by Ujjesha Singh, a grade 12 student.

In the corner, the violinist played
Synchronized with his beat, my heart peacefully swayed
My mind slowly lost all light
And did not wish to act right
It entered an unknown trance

Is this what is known as dance?
My uncontrollable body from the throne arose
And to break into carefree dance it chose
My heart had never been allowed to feel such desire
And it burned with a passionate fire

Forgotten by myself was the behaviour befitting a royal
Only towards the symphonies was my body loyal
I finally give in to the melody and let loose
At last I kick away the binding shoes

Dancing joyously with feet bare
With murmurs floating through the air
Carelessly I dance through the hall
Surprisingly joined by all

Melody now flows in my veins
Similar to an arid desert where it finally rains
My soul is filled with the musician’s sound
Ecstatic and overwhelmed, I am heavenward bound

Written by Ujjesha Singh  – a grade 12 student of Modern School.


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